Isidore Pitre

1814 Rustico, PEI 1903 Rustico, PEI



Continuationof tree (6th child of Theodore Pitre/Pelagie Arseneau); all known surname descendants:

            6          Isidore Pitre  b: 2 September 1814  Rustico, PEI; d: 27 December 1903  Rustico, PEI                     

                              +Madeleine Doiron  b: 2 September 1814  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; m: 29 October 1838  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI [Jean Charles/Scholastique Poirier]; d: 30 May 1906  Rustico, PEI

                        7        Marcelline Pitre  b: 2 February 1840  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI

                        7        Alise 'Alice' Pitre  b: 1 March 1841  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; d: Aft. 1901

                                    +Anselme 'Samuel' Doiron  b: 2 September 1839  Rustico, PEI; m: 28 January 1862  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI [Francois Xavier/Apolline Doucet]; d: Aft. 1901

                        7        Pulcherie Pitre  b: 24 May 1842  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI

                        7        Albert Pitre  b: 7 October 1844  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI

                        7        Marcelline Pitre  b: 21 September 1846  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; d: Aft. 1901

                                    +Cleophas Leclerc  b: 2 September 1843  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; m: 5 February 1867  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI [Joseph/Helene Gautier]; d: Aft. 1901

                        7        Leocadie Pitre  b: 11 September 1850  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI

                        7        Florence Pitre  b: 6 September 1853  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; d: 20 August 1881  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI

                                    +Pierre Gallant  b: 12 March 1838  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; m: 24 January 1871  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI [Armand/Edesse Gallant]; d: Aft. 1881

                        7        Mary Pitre  b: 10 October 1858  Rustico, PEI; d: Aft. 1901



Notes for Isidore Pitre:


- 1881 PEI, Lot 24:  Isidore Pitre 67, wife Madelaine 66, Mary 22, daughter Florence 27, husband Pierre Gallant 44 (farmer) & their 3 children.

- 1891 PEI, Lot 24F1:  Isidore Pitre 76 (farmer), wife Madeleine 76, Marie 31.

- 1901 PEI, Lot 24A1:  Isidore Peters 87, wife Madeline 87, Mary 42; living with daughter Alice 61 & her husband Samuel Doiron 63 & their 2 children.


Obituary:  L'Impartial (PEI), Thursday, 7 January 1904:  At Grand Pre, Rustico, on 27 December 1903, died, at the age of 89 years, 3 months and 25 days, Mr. Isidore Pitre, husband of Madeleine Doiron.  His funeral took place at the Church of St. Augustine, Rustico, the next day.  He leaves to cry on his grave and cherish his memory, a large number of relatives and friends, as well as one who for more than 60 years, was his worthy companion and shared with him the tests of life.  R.I.P.  The widow Mrs. Isidore Pitre, nee Madeleine Doiron, though she counted, on the death of her husband, as many years, months and days as he does, still enjoys good health.  The late Isidore Pitre was the son of Theodore Pitre and Pelagie Arseneau


Notes for Madeleine Doiron:

Obituary:  L'Impartial (PEI), Thursday, 7 June 1906:  Died at Rustico, 30 May, Widow Mrs. Esidore Pitre, nee Madeleine Doiron, at the age of 92 years.



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