Paul Pitre

1759 before 1841 Rollo Bay, PEI



Continuation of tree (3rd child of Joseph Pitre/Anne Bourg); all known surname descendants:

            5     Paul Pitre  b: Abt. 1759; d: Bef. 1841  Rollo Bay, PEI               

                       + (Catherine Cheverie or Marguerite Landry ??)    m: Abt. 1792

               6           Victor Peters  b: Abt. 1793  Rollo Bay, PEI; d: Bet. 1817 - 1841  Rollo Bay, PEI                       

               6           Madeleine Peters  b: Abt. 1795  Rollo Bay, PEI                                              

                              + ---- Daigle                                                    

               6           Anne Peters  b: Abt. 1797  Rollo Bay, PEI                                           

                              + Andrew Burke  b: Abt. 1796; m: Abt. 1821  Rollo Bay, PEI                            

               6           John 'Janvier' Peters  b: Abt. 1800  Rollo Bay, PEI; d: Bet. 1861-1891  Rollo Bay, PEI 

                              + Julia Daigle  b: Abt. 1801; m: Abt. 1822  Rollo Bay, PEI [Jean/unknown]; d: Aft. 1891  Rollo Bay, PEI



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Items in RED taken from transcriptions in the following:

- Letter from Stephen A. White to Leo Peters


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