Laurent Pitre

1854 Rustico, PEI 1911 Hope River, PEI



Continuation of tree (2nd child of Charles Pitre/Marie Gallant); all known surname descendants:

               8       Laurent Pitre  b: 10 February 1854  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; d: 1911  St. Anne, Hope River, PEI

                               +Mary Ann Beaudin  b: 20 March 1861  Caraquet, NB; m: 19 August 1878  Hope River, PEI [Pierre/Henriette Hebert]; d: 1943  Charlottetown, PEI

                          9        Joseph Pierre Peters  b: 9 January 1882  Hope River, PEI; d: 1908  

                          9        Madeleine Pitre  b: 25 May 1884  Ste. Anne, Hope River, PEI; d: Aft. December 1931

                                       +Joseph Pitre  b: 9 November 1877  Rustico, PEI; m: Abt. 1901 [Prospere/Seraphine Martin]; d: Aft. 1911         

                          9        Marie Rose Anne Pitre  b: 7 June 1887  Ste. Anne, Hope River, PEI; d: 1970  N. Rustico, PEI

                                      +Luke Gallant  b: 1883; m: Abt. 1912; d: 1970  N. Rustico, PEI

                          9        Angelina Pitre  b: 5 February 1891  Ste. Anne, Hope River, PEI; d: 8 December 1930  Charlottetown, PEI

                                      + Joseph Pitre  b: 15 July 1882  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; m: Abt. 1910  Rustico, PEI [Marcel/Potamie Pineau]; d: 23 October 1957  Rustico, PEI

                          9        Augustin Pitre  b: 15 December 1893  Ste. Anne, Hope River, PEI; d: 1974  Charlottetown, PEI

                                      +Margaret Helen Doucette  b: 1894; m: 15 September 1931  Holy Redeemer Church, Charlottetown, PEI [Joseph M./---]; d: 1970  Charlottetown, PEI

                            10         Frances Peters  b: 1932; d: 1965  Charlottetown, PEI

                          9        Philomene Louise Pitre  b: 28 October 1896  Ste. Anne, Hope River, PEI; d: Aft. December 1931

                                      +Andrew Doucette    m: 16 February 1927  Ste. Anne, Hope River, PEI

                          9        James Aeneas Peters  b: 3 September 1899  Hope River, PEI; d: 1 December 1972   

                                      +Jane Gallant

                          9        Henrietta Ann Peters  b: 10 June 1902  Hope River, PEI; d: Bef. 1911



Notes for Laurent Pitre:


- 1881 PEI, Lot 23:  Lawrence Peters 28 (laborer), wife Mary 22, with widower Anthony Doiron 32 (farmer).


- 1890:  PEI, Lot 22, Hope River:  Laurence Peters 39 laborer, Mrs. 29, Joseph 8, Madeleine 6, Rose 3.


- 1901 PEI, Lot 22D1:  Lawrence Peters 48, wife Mary A. 40, Joseph 19, Madeline 16, Rose Ann 13, Angelina 10, Louisa 7, Augustine 4, James A.E. 1; John Peters 20 (lodger), 2 other lodgers.


- 1911 PEI, St. Ann, Lot 22:  Laurence Peters 60 (laborer), wife Mary Ann 49, Augustine 18 (laborer), Louisa 13, James 11.


Obituaries for the children:

Angelina Pitre:  Charlottetown Guardian (PEI), Saturday, 24 January 1931:  In Memoriam - Mrs. Joseph Peters - On December 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, a very sad death occurred at the Charlottetown Hospital, when Mrs. Joseph Peters of North Rustico was called to her eternal reward.  Under all circumstances death is sad; it is particularly so when the mother of a young family, in the prime of her young womanhood is taken off after a brief illness of only a few hours, leaving behind her, a disconsolate husband and a large family of small and well-beloved children.  But such is Nature's decree; and we must, one and all, in humility and submission, bow to the hand of Him who is all love and knows best.  The deceased who was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Peters, was born thirty-eight years ago at Hope River where she resided until her marriage to Mr. Joseph Peters of North Rustico.  In her new home, her gentle, kindly, hospitable nature, her sunny and amiable disposition, her deep devotion to her husband and family endeared her to a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.  She was a splendid type of loving wife and devoted mother, ever ready to sacrifice herself to lighten the burden and cares of her family and friends.  She was always a willing worker in every activity that tended to the welfare of the community in which she lived.  She will be much missed by her neighbors and friends and her husband and children above all, will ever remember her kindly ministrations, her ever anxious care, and her gentle and cheering voice, now stilled forever.  Her funeral was held from her late residence at North Rustico, to St. Augustine Church, on December 9th.  Requiem High Mass was celebrated by her pastor, Mgr. Jean Chaisson, D.D., who also pronounced the last sad rites at the grave.  The pall bearers were: Messrs. Michael Doyle, Edmund Gallant, Karl Binns, Henry Peters, Marshall Gallant and Luke Gallant.  Besides the sorrowing husband and the following children: Rose, Louise, Floradele, Ella May, Martial, Lawrence, Austin, Stephen, Augustine, there are left to mourn, her aged mother, three sisters, Mrs. Joseph Peters, and Mrs. Luke Gallant, of Charlottetown; Mrs. A. E. Doucette, Rusticoville; and two brothers, Augustine Peters, Cape Traverse, and James Peters, of Charlottetown.  Three children have predeceased her.  Mass cards were received from:- The family, her mother, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Peters, Mr. and Mrs. John Gallant, Mrs. Wm. Deagan and family, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Binns, Mr. and Mrs. James Peters, Helen Doucette, Peter and Helen McElmeel, Mamie Trainor, Mr. and Mrs. Howatt, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Peters and family, Mr. and Mrs. Luke Gallant, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Doucette, and family, Mr. Augustine Peters, Mr. and Mrs. James Peters and family.  Spiritual Bouquets:- Mr. and Mrs. John Doiron.  Crescent:- Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Pineau.  Messages of Sympathy:- Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Callaghan, Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. White, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Doiron, Boston; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bulgar, Hope River; Mrs. Theophilus Doucette, Medford, Mass.; Miss Alice Boyce, Charlottetown; Miss Delma Gauthier, North Rustico; Mrs. F. A. Driscoll, Charlottetown; Miss Mary Dugan, Mr. Alden Carr.


Augustin Pitre:  Tombstone Inscription, People's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Charlottetown, PEI: PETERS / J. Augustine Peters / 1893 - 1974 / his wife / M. Helen Doucette / 1894 - 1970 / their daughter / Mary Frances / 1932 - 1965 / 'Rest in peace'



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