Jean Pitre

1732 Acadia  –  1758 at sea



Jean Pitre was born c1732 at Beaubassin, Acadia, the 7th child and 1st son of Jean Pitre and Marguerite Theriot.  There were four children to follow.


By 1750 his parents had moved their family to Ile St. Jean.  It was at Port Lajoie, in 1754, that Jean married Francoise Marie Henry, the daughter of Jean Francois Henry and Marie Hebert.  There was time enough for the couple to produce three daughters, Therese, Marguerite Bibiane & Tersile, before being deported to France in 1758.


On 1st of November 1758 Jean’s widow, Francoise Henry, disembarked at St. Malo from Le Duc Guillaume.  Jean and his daughters had all perished at sea during the crossing.  Francoise lived in St. Servan until her death in 1784.



Continuation of tree (7th child of Jean Pitre/Marguerite Theriot); all known surname descendants:

     4     Jean Pitre  b: Abt. 1732  Beaubassin, Acadia; d: 1758  at sea during the crossing to France                     

                  +Francoise Marie Henry  b: Abt. 1733  Acadia; m: 10 February 1754  Port Lajoie, Ile St. Jean [Jean Francois/Marie Hebert]; d: 17 October 1784  St. Servan, Bretagne, France   

            5          Therese Pitre  b: 10 January 1755  Port Lajoie, Ile St. Jean; d: 1758  at sea during crossing to France

            5          Marguerite Bibiane Pitre  b: 7 January 1757  Port Lajoie, Ile St. Jean; d: 1758  at sea during crossing to France

            5          Tersile Pitre  b: Abt. 1758; d: 1758  at sea during crossing to France




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