Joseph Emile Pitre

1896 Matapedia, Quebec 1969 Pointe a la Garde, Quebec



Continuation of tree (3rd child of Joseph Cleophas Pitre/1st wife Marie Sophie Pitre); all known surname descendants:

                 10       Joseph Emile Pitre  b: 10 May 1896  St. Alexis, Matapedia, Quebec; d: 8 December 1969  Pointe a la Garde, Bonaventure, QUE

                                     +Marie Rosa 'Flora' Calvert  b: 1 January 1903  Nouvelle, Bonaventure, Quebec; m: 21 February 1928  Ste. Anne, Restigouche, Bonaventure, Quebec [James/Marie Jeanne Parker]; d: 14 March 1978  Pointe a la Garde, Bonaventure, Quebec

                               11       Joseph Raoul Pitre  b: 17 March 1929  St. Jean l'Evangeliste, Bonaventure, QUE

                                             +Jacqueline Theriault  b: 9 May 1931  Rimouski, QUE; m: 4 August 1956  St. Robert Bellarmin, Rimouski, QUE [Emile/Blanche Paquet]

                               11       Marguerite Jeanne Gerardine Pitre  b: 16 November 1930  Ste. Anne, Restigouche, Bonaventure, Quebec

                               11       Marie Yvonne Isabelle Pitre  b: 9 August 1933  Ste. Anne, Restigouche, Bonaventure, QUE

                                             +Andre Fecteau  b: 9 October 1929  Quebec; m: 9 August 1955  St. Germain, Rimouski, QUE [Odilon/Marie Poulin]

                               11       Marie Reine Noella Pitre  b: 28 December 1942  Pointe a la Garde, Bonaventure, Quebec



Notes for Joseph Emile Pitre:

WWI records:  Joseph Emile Pitre; 10 May 1896; Pte. Le Gard, Bonaventure, QUE (laborer); Joseph Cleophas Pitre (father); 22 May 1918, St. John, NB; 5' 9", dark complexion, brown eyes, black hair (one vax left arm)


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