Henri Pitre

1876 Rustico, PEI 1952 Charlottetown, PEI



Continuation of tree (3rd child of Marcel Pitre/Potamie Pineau); all known surname descendants:

              8        Henri Pitre  b: 27 September 1876  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI; d: 22 June 1952  Charlottetown, PEI

                               +Priscille LeClair  b: 20 August 1879  Rustico, PEI; m: 22 August 1905  St. Augustine, Rustico, PEI [Theophile/Adeline Doucet]; d: 10 December 1951  Charlottetown, PEI

                          9          Cecilia May Pitre  b: 25 June 1906  Rustico, PEI; d: Aft. 1921

                          9          Rose Isabella Pitre  b: 15 February 1908  Rustico, PEI; d: Aft. 1931

                                        +David Jenkins  b: Abt. 1909 PEI; m: Abt. 1928; d: Aft. 1931

                          9          Mary Blanche Pitre  b: 26 February 1910  Rustico, PEI

                                        +Joseph Campanella  b: 24 June 1907  Boston, Suffolk, MA; m: 12 November 1933  Boston, Suffolk, MA

                          9          Marcel Reginald Pitre  b: 5 April 1912  Rustico, PEI; d: Aft. 1931

                          9          Anne Eveline Pitre  b: 21 June 1914  Rustico, PEI; d: 23 October 1933  Charlottetown, PEI

                          9          Lucie Yvonne Pitre  b: 29 December 1916  Rustico, PEI; d: Aft. 1931

                          9          Joseph Alyre Pitre  b: 15 May 1919  South Rustico, PEI; d: 6 March 1972  Charlottetown, PEI

                                        +Kathleen Adele Woods  b: 24 January 1919  Emyvale, PEI; m: unknown [Daniel/Susanna Gillan]; d: 29 May 2004  Charlottetown, PEI

                          9          Ivan Pitre  b: Abt. 1923; d: Aft. 1931



Notes for Henri Pitre:


- 1911 PEI, North Rustico, Lot 24:  Henry Peters 34 (laborer), wife Precillia 33, Cecilia M. 5, Rose J. 3, Mary B. 1, widowed mother Lamie 66, sister Maud A. 20.


- 1921 PEI, North Rustico (Lot 24):  Henri Pitre 40 laborer/odd jobs, wife Priscille 38, Cecilia May 14, Rose Isabella 13, Marie Blanche 11, Marcel Regnald 9, Anne Evelyn 7, Lucie Yvonne 5, Joseph Alyre 2.


- 1931 Charlottetown (City), Queens, PEI:  Henry Peters 53 farm labourer, wife Priscilla 50, Reginald 18, Lucy 14, Alyre 13m, Ivan 8, son-in-law David Jenkins 22 seaman/merchant marine, wife Rosebell 23, Margaret 2 (39 Connolly St.).


Obituary:  Charlottetown Guardian (PEI), Tuesday, 24 June 1952:  Funeral Monday - The funeral of William Henry Peters was held yesterday morning from the Frank Hennessey Funeral Home to the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer where Requiem High Mass was celebrated by Rev. E. Doyle, C.Ss.R., who also conducted service at the grave.  Pall-bearers were: John B. Fleming, Ernest Connolly, Gerald Fleming, Leo McIntyre, Willard Dunn and Harold Redmond.  Interment was in the Catholic Cemetery.


Notes for Priscille Leclerc:

Obituary:  Guardian (PEI), Thursday, 13 December 1951:  Funeral Yesterday - The funeral of Mrs. Henry Peters was held Wednesday morning at 8:45 from the residence of her son, Alyre Peters, 32 Connolly St., to the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer where Requiem High Mass was celebrated by Rev. E. Doyle C.Ss.R. who also conducted services at the grave.  Pall-bearers were: Jerome Blacquiere, J. A. Doiron, Joseph Peters, Earnest Connolly, T. B. Fleming, Henry Doiron.  Burial was in the Catholic Cemetery.


Obituaries for the children:

Anne Eveline Pitre:  Charlottetown Guardian (PEI), Tuesday, 24 |October 1933:  Sudden Bereavement - The death occurred with unexpected suddenness yesterday morning when Evelyn, the 18-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Peters, Connolly Street, passed away while seated at the breakfast table.  Complaining of a pain in the region of her heart, she fell from her chair to the floor, death being instantaneous.  Besides her parents she leaves to mourn three brothers and four sisters.




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