Gratien Eusebe Pitre

1862 L'Ardoise, Nova Scotia after 1942 Nova Scotia



Continuation of tree (2nd child of Michel Pitre/Lucie Taylor); all known surname descendants:

               8           Gratien Eusebe 'Gracie' Pitre  b: 13 September 1862  L'Ardoise, Richmond, NS; d: Aft. 1942  Sydney, Cape Breton, NS

                                 + Mary Ann Briand  b: 29 September 1863  Sacred Heart, Sydney, Cape Breton, NS; m: Abt. 1883 [Joseph/Elizabeth Gallant]; d: 21 April 1942  Sydney, Cape Breton, NS

                          9           Beatrice Peters  b: 2 July 1885  St. Anne, Glace Bay, Cape Breton, NS; d: 12 October 1968  Sydney, Cape Breton, NS

                                          +John L. Bates  b: Abt. 1882; m: 8 February 1910  Glace Bay, Cape Breton, NS [Michael/Mary Ellen ---]; d: Bef. October 1968

                          9           Michael Peters  b: 30 May 1887  St. Anne, Glace Bay, Cape Breton, NS; d: Bef. 1891

                          9           John Edward Peters  b: 7 September 1894  St. Anne, Glace Bay, Cape Breton, NS; d: Aft. 1911

                          9           Elizabeth Peters  b: 17 November 1895  St. Anne, Glace Bay, Cape Breton, NS; d: 19 January 1918  Glace Bay, Cape Breton, NS

                          9           Laura May Peters  b: 5 June 1897  Glace Bay, Cape Breton, NS; d: 11 March 1984  N. Attleboro, Bristol, MA

                                          +James Walter O'Neill  b: 26 October 1892  Halifax, NS; m: 29 March 1931  Boston, Suffolk, MA [Thomas/Mary Ann Moor]; d: 18 January 1970  Boston, Suffolk, MA

                          9           Ernest Victor Peters  b: 28 May 1900  St. Anne, Glace Bay, Cape Breton, NS; d: Aft. 1921

                          9           Arthur Peters  b: 31 October 1902  St. Anne, Glace Bay, Cape Breton, NS; d: Aft. August 1950



Notes for Gratien Eusebe Pitre:


- 1891 Glace Bay, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia:  Grasie Peteres 29 (laborer), wife Mary Ann 26, Beatrice 6.


- 1901 Glace Bay, Cape Breton, NS:  Gracie Peters 38 (carpenter), wife Mary A. 35, Bitrese 16, John 6, Bessie 5, Laura 3, Ernest 1.


- 1911 Cape Breton South, NS:  Gracy Peters 42 (carpenter), wife Mary Ann 40, John 13, Besey 15, Laro M. 14, Earnest 11, Arthur 8.


- 1921 Sydney, Cape Breton South, NS:  George Peters 55 iron worker, wife Mary 48, Laura 22, Ernest 20 clerk, Arthur 11.



Arthur Robert Peters:  Border crossing 18 Aug 1950 at Niagara Falls, NY:  Arthur Robert Peters, alone in taxi, b. Glace Bay, NS (age 47), retired, last res. 495 Sherbourne St., Toronto, Canada; dest. Boston, MA, visit sister Laura O'Neil, 82 Walnut Ave.; $20; 5'7", ruddy complexion, black hair & blue eyes, scar on bridge of nose.  "Born 10/31/02 - was in taxi destined to Boston, Mass. for six hrs.  Had just completed performing a miracle and was going to perform another one in Boston.  Claims he controls God, the Pope and all of the United States going to visit mother & sister who are deceased.  Paid Taxi driver $150.00 to drive him to Boston.  Also has plane ticket from Toronto to Boston issued 8/17/50."



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Items in RED sourced from Holy Guardian Angels, L'Ardoise registers provided on Patrick B. Burke's website, L'Ardoise Cemetery and Memorial Records, and from birth registrations/baptismal records, marriage/death certificates online at Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics.

- Births/marriages/deaths in RED also from Nova Scotia Antigonish Catholic Diocese (1823-1905) online records.


Last updated:  15 March 2020.