Charles Pitre

1720 Acadia† - 1758 Ile St. Jean



Charles Pitre was born about 1720 in Acadia, the 6th son and 11th child of Jean Denis Pitre and Francoise Babin.† He was to be followed by one more brother.


About 1745 Charles married Anne Thibodeau, the daughter of Philippe Thibodeau and Isabelle (Elisabeth) Vincent.† They had two daughters then, like many of their neighbors, they removed to Ile St. Jean.


They had been on the island about a year when the 1752 census found them on the south side of Anse a Pinet.† The family was listed as Charles Pitre, ploughman, native of Acadia, aged 32 years, and his wife Anne Thibadeau, native of Acadia, aged 31 years.† They had one son and two daughters: Jean Baptiste 1, Marie Martha 6, and Ozitte 4.† They had three oxen, five cows, and four pigs.† The land was given to them verbally by Monsieur de Bonnaventure. On it they had made a clearing for the sowing of four bushels of wheat in the coming spring.


The family was deported in 1758.† The three youngest children, Joseph, Anne, and Jean Baptiste, died at sea during the crossing to France.†† Osite was not listed so presumably she died on Ile St. Jean.† There are no records for Charles in France so itís probable that he also died on the island about 1756 or 1757. †Only Anne Thibodeau and her daughter Marie Marthe seemed to have survived the crossing, but the child died a few months later.† That summer Anne Thibodeau remarried to Pierre Henry, recently widowed of Marie Madeleine Pitre (Charles Pitreís niece).†


Anne and Pierre had three children together.† Since her name does not appear on the ship lists to Louisiana it is presumed that she died in France.



Continuation of tree (11th child of Jean Denis Pitre/Francoise Babin); all known surname descendants:

†† †† 3† †† Charles Pitre† b: Abt. 1720† Acadia; d: Bef. 1759†††††††††††††††††††††

††††††† ††††††††††††††† +Anne Thibodeau† b: Abt. 1721† Pisiguit, Acadia; m: Abt. 1745† Acadia [Philippe/Isabelle (Elisabeth) Vincent]; d: Bet. 1763 - 1785† France†††††††

††††   4† ††   Marie Marthe Pitre† b: Abt. 1746 †Acadia; d: 24 April 1759† Pleurtuit, Ille et Villaine, France†††††††††††††††††

††††   4† ††   Osite Pitre† b: Abt. 1748† Acadia; d: Aft. 1752†††††††††††††

††††   4† ††   Jean Baptiste Pitre† b: 15 September 1751† Port Lajoie, Ile St. Jean; d: 1758† At sea during the crossing to France†††††††††††††

†† †  †4† ††   Joseph Pitre† b: Abt. 1753† Ile St. Jean; d: 1758† At sea during the crossing to France††††††††††††††††

††††   4† †    Anne Pitre† b: Abt. 1755† Ile St. Jean; d: 1758† At sea during the crossing to France



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