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The Canadian marriages below come from six Drouin volumes (3 on husbands, 3 on wives), known as the Drouin Bleu series.  Tremendous thanks and much appreciation are extended to Denise Pitre of Canada for photocopying, scanning, and then emailing the pertinent pages to me. 


The volumes are in a type-written format.  The marriages were extracted from many original registers by the authors and publishers.  I have transcribed the marriages from the scanned pages exactly as I found them.  There were handwritten notes which I have also included, since I did not know when or by whom they were added.  Anything which appears in italics is my interpretation or correction, based on my files.  If the entire entry is in italics, the 'Pitre' is not an Acadian descendant.


Caveat:  Inaccuracies may have occurred:


Having now cautioned you, I will say that comparing the marriages to information I already had produced very few discrepancies.  Since Drouin is a finding aid, I have included only those marriages from registers which I have not yet viewed (most transcriptions on website).  The original register should be consulted whenever possible.


Drouin Bleu Hommes #39:


Alph. Pitre (Pre./Phil. Desjardins) m. Laudiana Hotte (Cezaire/Elise Fournier),

          25 Feb 1898, Pte. Gatineau

Benjamin Pitts (John/Martha Cooper) m. M. Ann McNamee (Owen/Mary Ottis),

          12 May 1870, N. Dame, Mtl.

Charles Housman Pitt (Jos. Ubald/Caroline Rolland) m. Sophronie Denienault

          (Eusebe/Mathilde Denieault?), 6 Jun 1897, Leugueuil

Elphage Pitt (Thomas/Mary Shooner) m. Eron Rene (Pantaleon/Exilia Rousseau),

          1 Aug 1911, St. Jacques, Mtl.

Frederic Pitt (Wm./Ther. Rousseau) m. Marie Crevier St. Jean (Jn. Bte./Genev. Cazavan),

          8 Jan 1853, St. Frs. Du Lac

Hermenegilde Pitt (William/Ther. Rousseau) m. M. Henriette Malvina Boisvert

          (Moyse/Henr. Letourneau), 27 Oct 1863, St. Thomas, Pierrev.

Hermenegilde Pitt (Frederic/Marie Crevier St. Jean) m. Delia Letendre (Olivier Paul/Theotisse Hus),

          18 Apr 1882, St. Thomas, Pierrev.

Jean Pitt (Thomas/Olive Laframboise) m. Marie Beaudrias (Benj./Marg. Miron),

          27 Oct 1884, Ste. Marg., Wexford

Jean Bte. Pitre (Jn. Bte./Anne Laliberte) m. Mad. Omier (Michel/M. Etier),

          8 Jan 1776, Montreal

Joseph Pitt (Hermenegilde/Malvina Boisvert) m. Rachel Gill (Alph./Elvine Comtois),

          8 Jan 1896, St. Thomas, Pierrev.

Mathieu Pitt (Geo./Irene Pitt) m. Simone Seguin (Athanase/Elodie Proulx),

          28 Apr 1923, St. Eusebe, Mtl.

Pierre Pitre-Garst m. M. Charl. Cousineau,

          1786, Montreal

Robert Pitts (John/Martha Cooper) m. Mary Clooney (John/Mary Purcell),

          21 Jun 1886, Ste. Anne, Mtl.

Taylor Phil. Pitt-Taylor (Desmond/Jessie Rose) m. Elis. Charland (Zenon/Marg. Young),

          20 Mar 1928, Cathedrale, Mtl.

Thomas Pitt (no parents given) m. M. Jos. Hausman (Jn./M. Jos. Letourneau),

          31 Jul 1800, Riv. Ouelle



Drouin Bleu Hommes #31:


Charles Lepitre m. Josette Brunet,

          1808, Pte. Claire        [not Pitre nor Lepitre]

Joseph Lepitre-Legris (Jn.-Bte./Adelaide Vesina) m. Exilde Boutheiller (Alexis/Adele Benoit),

          20 Jan 1873, St. Urbain, Chat.  [Lepitre-Legris actually Lepine-dit Legros]



Drouin Bleu Hommes #27:


Alexandre Lajambe (Jn./Eliz. Gadbois) m. Eliz. Stone (Aug./Julie Anne Caron), vve,

          6 May 1906, Cornwall Est., Ont.

Cornelius Alexandre Lajambe (Alex./Lse. Hurteau) m. Willemine Buckman

          (Buchard/Willemine Siroux), 29 Nov1900, Cornwall Est., Ont.

Ephrem John Lajambe (Ls./Anne Piteau) m. Mary McGee (Robert/Helen O’Flaharty),

          2 Jun 1920, Cornwall Est., Ont.

George Lajambe (Gregoire/Annie Piteau) m. M. Lse Masson (Benj./Clara Duyer),

          30 Sep 1912, Cornwall Est., Ont.

Gordon Lashambe (Gregoire/Anna Piteau) m. Yvonne Decoste (Paul/Celina Lebeau),

          31 Aug 1935, Cornwall Est., Ont.

Joseph Lajambe m. Helene Blais,

          24 Jun 1867, Burlington

Louis Lajambe (Jean/Julie Lavigne) m. Anne Piteau (Philippe/Anne Proulx),

          13 May 1889, Cornwall, Ont.

Olivier Lajambe (Alexandre/M. Lse. Hurteau) m. Rose Leger (Moise/Anna Levesque),

          20 Sep 1921, Cornwall Est., Ont.



Drouin Bleu Femmes #52:


Adelaide Pitt (Willia/Therese Rousseau) m. Guillaume Crevier (Bte./Genev. Casabon),

          5 Feb 1856, St. Ths., Pierreville

Anne Marie Pitre m. Jean Carbonneaud,

          31 Oct 1791, Montreal Cont. Lalanne

Antoinette Louise Pitt (Thomas/Josephte Heuss) m. Ls. Paquet (Pre./Marguerite Montigny),

          25 Aug 1842, Perce

Catherine Luce Pitt (Thomas/Josephte Haupmann) m. Pierre Wenter (Robert/M. Julie Latourneau),

          30 May 1833, N. Dame, Quebec

Elmire Pitt (William/Therese Rousseau) m. Georges Folster (Geo./Jeannette Moar),

          28 Sep 1863, St. Ths. Pierrev.

Ernestine Pitt (Hermenegilde/Malvina Boisvert) m. William Robillard (vf Elmire Lavallee),

          10 Nov 1894, St. Ths. Pierrev.

Eva Pitt (Hector/Rose Anna Lapointe) m. Chs. Blais (Elzear/M. Anna Rippelle),

          27 Apr 1920, S. Coeur, Montreal

Luce Pitt (Charles/Luce Gagnon) m. Jean Lizotte (vf Marguerite Corbin),

          24 Jun 1878, St. Pacome, Kam.

Mabel Pitts (William/Isabelle Black) m. Alph. Ledoux (Alph./Silfride Laliberte),

          18 Feb 1914, St. Charles, Montreal

Madeleine Pitre m. Pre. Amable Gadoua,

          16 Feb 1756, Coron

Marie Pitre (Jean/Judith Theriot) m. Chs. Robicheau (vf Marguerite Blanchard),

          28 Jul 1760, St. Jos., Carleton

Milburne Marie Pitt (Frederic/Marie St. Jean) m. Jean Bte. Lesieur (Laurent/Adelaide Cote),

          12 Jan 1875, St. Ths., Pierreville

Olympe Marie Luce Pitt (Thomas/Josephte Osman) m. Isidore Lupien (Ignace/Catherine Courchesne),

          27 Jan 1845, St. Denis

Robertine Elmire Pitt (Frederic/Marie Crevier) m. William Charland (Jean Bte./Adelaide Provencal),

          4 Mar 1878, St. Ths., Pierreville

Virginie Marie Julie Pitt (Thomas/M. Josette Hosman) m. Pantaleon Marie Brossard

          (Jn. Bte./ M. Josette Manseau), 26 Jul 1836, Kamouraska

Wilhelmine Pitt (Ubald/Caroline Rolland) m. Chs. Amiot (Jos./Josephte Boudreau),

          1 Feb 1899, S. Coeur, Montreal



Drouin Bleu Femmes #40:


- all sourced -



Drouin Bleu Femmes #34:


Antoinette Lajambe (George/Louise Masson) m. Wilfred Tardiff (Amedee/Louise Leblanc),

          13 Jun 1937, Cornwall Est.

Delia Lajambe (Jean/Jane Lavigne) m. James Lalonde (Louis/Marie Lemare),

          11 Jun 1900, Cornwall Est.     (Jane actually Julia)

Donalda Lajambe (Louis/Aime Pideau) m. Jos. John Jasmin (Franklin/Marie Lalonde),

          29 May 1916, Cornwall Est.

Elis. Lajambe (Chs./Philomene Lamoureux) m. Napoleon Lamoureux (Octave/Adele Segouin),

          31 Dec 1889, Cornwall Est., Ont.

Emina Lajambe (Jean/Julia Lavigne) m. Edward Jodouin (Isidore/Adelaide St. Denis),

          28 May 1900, Cornwall Est., Ont.

Eudoxie Lajambe (Chs./Philomene Lamoureux) m. David Begin (David/Henriette Lalonde),

          29 Apr 1889, Cornwall Est., Ont.

Eudoxie Lajambe (vve David Begin) m. Pierre Caron (vf Margaret Leroux),

          11 Apr 1893, Cornwall Est., Ont.

Florida Lajambe (Eugene/Alexina Lamoureux) m. Leon Belanger (Salus/Clara Chouinard),

          31 Dec 1934, Cornwall Est., Ont.

Jeanne Marie Lajambe (Narcisse/Thesilla Derochers) m. Antoine Chatelain (Antoine/Zoe Chartrand),

          28 Sep 1891, Cornwall Est., Ont.

Jeanne Marie Lajambe (Eugene/Alexina Lamoureux) m. Georges Gens (Jos./Emina Massia),

          9 Dec 1934, Cornwall Est., Ont.

Julia Lajambe (Jean/Julia Lavigne) m. Jos. Taillon (Francis/Melina Montreuil),

          3 Feb 1896, Cornwall Est., Ont.

Laurette Lajambe (George/Louise Masson) m. Leo Paul Bissonnette (Augustus/Anna St. Jean),

          16 Jul 1938, Cornwall Est., Ont.

Malvina Lajambe (vve Jerry Lalonde) m. Arthur Bergeron (vf Therese Amell),

          4 Oct 1920, Cornwall Est., Ont.

Malvina Lajambe (Gregoire/Annie Piteau) m. Jeremie Lalonde (Jos./Annie Larment),

         15 Sep 1909, Cornwall Est., Ont.

Rosanna Lajambe (Chs./Philomene Lamoureux) m. Alphonse Masse (Paul/Adeline McClear),

         26 Nov 1894, Cornwall Est., Ont.



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